MotoGP Valencia 2024

TicketWorld Online offers you the exclusive opportunity to experience the passion of MotoGP at the iconic Circuit  Ricardo Tormo in Valencia, Spain. Immerse yourself in the excitement as the world’s top riders tackle the twists and turns of this legendary track. Get ready to witness the intensity and thrill of the season’s final race in Valencia, where riders will battle for ultimate glory.

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VALENCIA MOTOGP 2024 – Ricardo Tormo Circuit – En


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Live the Great Experience of the MotoGP

The Valencia Grand Prix is held at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, located in the city of Cheste, Valencia, Spain. This circuit, named in honor of the legendary Valencian rider Ricardo Tormo, offers a unique experience by combining the excitement of MotoGP racing with the charm and history of the Valencia region. Cheste, with its rich cultural heritage and welcoming atmosphere, adds a distinctive character to the Grand Prix experience, making it an unforgettable event for both riders and fans alike.

  1. Purple Grandstand: offers spectators a privileged position along the main straight of the circuit. From here, one can experience the excitement and adrenaline of the race start, as well as observe how the bikes reach impressive speeds along the straight.
  2. Orange and Yellow Grandstands: provide an exceptional view of one of the most exciting moments of the circuit. From here, spectators can witness how the riders tackle the first corner after reaching high speeds on the main straight. The excitement intensifies as they see the riders negotiate the corner with millimetric precision before accelerating towards the next straight. It is the perfect place to feel the intensity and skill of the riders in a crucial stretch of the race.
  3. Blue Grandstand: offers a privileged perspective to appreciate up close the excitement and skill of the riders in several key corners of the circuit. From here, spectators can enjoy a wide and detailed view of the second and sixth corners, as well as the remaining sections of the circuit. This grandstand is ideal for those looking to witness a large number of maneuvers and overtakes.
  4. Green Grandstand: Spectators will have a privileged view of the riders exiting the sixth corner of the circuit and accelerating at high speed along the straight passing just in front of the grandstand. Subsequently, you can see the riders navigate through a series of corners located in front of the grandstand.
  5. Red Grandstand: It offers a privileged location in front of the eighth corner of the circuit, giving spectators the opportunity to witness a series of technical corners that follow this section of the track. It is the ideal place to admire the skill of the riders as they tackle one of the most challenging stretches of the circuit.
  6. White Grandstand: It is strategically located above the parabolic curve, a long bend that precedes the finish line, providing spectators with a privileged view of the riders as they cross the finish line. From here, you can appreciate in detail this exciting area, where we are likely to witness some overtaking maneuvers.

The Circuit Ricardo Tormo has a length of approximately 4.005 kilometers.

The number of laps in the Valencia Grand Prix may vary according to the FIM rules and the season’s calendar. Typically, at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, around 27 to 30 laps are completed during the MotoGP race.

The first races were held in 1999, and the event quickly became a landmark on the MotoGP calendar. Since its inception, the Circuit Ricardo Tormo has witnessed thrilling battles and unforgettable moments on the track. Over the years, the Valencia Grand Prix has been a crucial part of the season, often marking the end of the world championship and deciding titles in various categories.

Yes, due to the noise generated by the powerful MotoGP motorcycles, spectators are recommended to use hearing protection, such as earplugs, to enjoy the race safely and comfortably.


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15 - 17 November

Circuit Ricardo Tormo - Cheste

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The Circuit Ricardo Tormo will be the venue for the Valencia Grand Prix in 2024, attracting a multitude of enthusiastic fans who gather year after year to enjoy this thrilling motorsport celebration throughout the weekend.

Located in the picturesque city of Cheste, the Circuit Ricardo Tormo is renowned for its challenging and exhilarating design. Its technical turns and long straights offer a unique challenge for the riders, who must demonstrate their skill and prowess with each lap.

Everything is set to make the most of every moment of this thrilling competition. Get your tickets for the Valencia Grand Prix 2024!