Lusail Speed Fest Qatar 2024

TicketWorld Online invites you to experience the thrill of Lusail Speed Fest 2024, an extraordinary event that combines three days from the World Endurance Championship (WEC) and three days of MotoGP in Qatar. This exciting spectacle will immerse you in the vibrant world of high-speed racing, blending with luxury and excitement on a modern competition circuit.

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QATAR LUSAIL SPEED FEST 2024 – Lusail International Circuit – En


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Live the Great Experience of the Lusail Speed Festival

The Lusail Speed Festival takes place at the Lusail International Circuit, a modern track located in Lusail, north of Doha, the capital of Qatar. The warm climate of Qatar adds an additional challenge with high temperatures, placing greater demands on teams and drivers. The Lusail International Circuit boasts top-notch facilities, including strategic grandstands and hospitality areas, to ensure a comfortable and thrilling experience for passionate Formula 1 fans.

Lusail Speed Fest provides access to the main grandstand and general admission areas of the circuit.

The Lusail International Circuit has a length of approximately 5.380 kilometers.

At the MotoGP Qatar Grand Prix, typically, there are 22 laps around the circuit. However, it’s important to note that the number of laps may vary according to FIM rules and the season’s schedule.

It is a 10-hour race in which the drivers will cover 1812km.

Yes, due to the powerful roar of the engines and the high speed of the motorcycles at the Lusail International Circuit, attendees are advised to use hearing protection, such as earplugs. This precaution ensures a safe and comfortable experience, allowing fans to fully enjoy the event without compromising their hearing health.


Price: from 65 €

29 February - 2 March (WEC)

8 - 10 March (MotoGP)

Lusail International Circuit, Doha

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The Lusail International Circuit, situated in the vibrant heart of Qatar, stands as an architectural masterpiece and an exhilarating challenge for riders. With its innovative and technical design, this circuit offers a unique experience, characterized by challenging turns and strategic straights that keep spectators on the edge of their seats.

Immerse yourself in the history of the Lusail International Circuit, where speed merges with the elegance of the desert. Secure your spot and witness how the Lusail International Circuit becomes the stage for intense battles. Get your tickets for the Lusail Speed Fest 2024!