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F1 JAPAN GP 2024 – International Circuit of Suzuka – En


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Formula 1

The Japanese Grand Prix is held at the Suzuka International Racing Course, located in Suzuka, Japan. This historic circuit, renowned for its famous figure-eight layout and the iconic Suzuka “S” curves, has been the stage for thrilling Formula 1 races over the decades.

  1. Grandstand V1 and V2: located on the main straight of Suzuka, these grandstands offer a unique view of the start and exciting on-track action. With the opportunity to witness the speed of the cars and the strategies of the drivers, they are the ideal choice for those seeking an intense and thrilling experience at the heart of the circuit.
  2. Grandstands A1 and A2: strategically situated at the end of the main straight of the Suzuka circuit, these grandstands provide fans with the unique opportunity to witness the start of the cars as they head into the first corner of the circuit. With privileged views, spectators can enjoy the excitement and strategy as the drivers tackle the first corner after the main straight.
  3. Grandstands B and B2: located at the first corner of the Suzuka circuit, Grandstands B and B2 offer spectators an exciting perspective of the drivers’ maneuvers as they tackle this technical corner.
  4. Grandstand C: strategically positioned to provide a detailed view of the first corner, the main straight, and the second corner, which leads into the famous ‘S’ of the Suzuka circuit, this grandstand offers spectators the opportunity to capture in detail the exciting moments of the race.
  5. Grandstand D: located within the famous ‘S’ curve, this grandstand offers spectators a unique perspective of the section where driver skill predominates. From this point, fans can closely appreciate the expertise required to navigate the linked curves of the ‘S.’ Grandstand D provides an unparalleled experience for those seeking to witness the mastery and agility of the drivers as they tackle this challenging section of the circuit.
  6. Grandstand E: provides spectators with a unique perspective of the exit from this technical section. From this point, fans can enjoy exciting moments as the cars accelerate after completing the challenging sequence of linked curves.
  7. Grandstand G: is situated at the elevated intersection of the track, one on the east side and the other on the west side. From these privileged locations, spectators can enjoy an exceptional view of the circuit’s unique design, where the track crosses at different heights, providing thrilling perspectives of maneuvers in various sections of the layout.
  8. Grandstands H and I: offer spectators a unique and close-up view of the single-seaters as they tackle this challenging hairpin. From this vantage point, fans can appreciate the skill and precision of the drivers as they enter the circuit’s tightest curve, experiencing the excitement of maneuvers at a crucial point on the track.
  9. Grandstand J: provides spectators with an exceptional perspective after the exit from the hairpin. From this location, fans can enjoy a privileged view of the single-seaters as they progress toward a more open section of the circuit.
  10. Grandstand L, M, and N: located at the challenging Spoon Curve of the Suzuka Circuit, these grandstands offer fans an exciting perspective of one of the circuit’s most technical sections.
  11. Grandstand O: located after the Spoon Curve, this grandstand offers spectators the opportunity to witness how the Formula 1 cars accelerate and reach high speeds on the straight that follows the challenging curve. From this strategic point, fans enjoy impressive views of the speed and power of the Formula 1 cars as they zoom down the straight.
  12. Grandstand P: situated at the end of the long straight, just before the entrance to the Casino Triangle, a distinctive section of the Suzuka circuit. From this grandstand, spectators can enjoy thrilling moments as the Formula 1 cars prepare to tackle the challenging Casino Triangle. This strategic location provides unique views of the action on the main straight and the approach to a series of technical curves.
  13. Grandstands Q1 and Q2: offer fans a privileged view of the exciting entry into the Casino Triangle curve, one of the most iconic sections of the Suzuka circuit. From here, spectators can witness how the Formula 1 cars approach at high speed, preparing to tackle this crucial turn. With a strategic location, these grandstands provide a unique experience for those looking to enjoy the action at a strategic point on the circuit.
  14. Grandstands R and S: located at the last curve before reaching the finish line, these grandstands offer spectators an exciting perspective of the final battle at the Suzuka circuit. From here, fans can witness how the drivers confront each other in the last curve before accelerating towards the main straight.

The Suzuka International Circuit has a length of approximately 5.807 kilometers.

In the Japanese Grand Prix, typically, 53 laps are completed around the circuit. However, it’s important to note that the number of laps may vary based on FIA rules and the season’s calendar.

The Japanese Grand Prix, established in 1976, is a jewel in the crown of Formula 1. Located in a mountainous region, the Suzuka circuit has witnessed thrilling duels and dramatic events that have influenced the championship standings. The legendary curves make this track distinctive, providing intense thrills with each lap. Over the decades, the Japanese Grand Prix has maintained its status as a standout event, contributing to the vibrant and exciting history of Formula 1.

Yes, due to the high speed of Formula 1 cars and the noise generated by the engines, attendees are recommended to wear hearing protection, such as earplugs, to enjoy the event safely and comfortably.


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5 - 7 April

International Circuit of Suzuka, Mie

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The Japanese Grand Prix is held at Suzuka Circuit, located in the beautiful Prefecture of Mie, approximately 300 km from Tokyo (a journey of less than 2 hours by bullet train).

It is remembered by many fans for the iconic phrase and frustration of Fernando Alonso with his Honda engine. However, what has truly made this circuit famous, appearing on the calendar since 1987, is that it has decided 12 World Championships, including 3 by the great Senna.

In the season when this race takes place, Japan is plagued by strong winds, cold, and rain, adding an extra thrill to the races. To the extent that, on some occasions, the race has had to be canceled for these reasons.

It is a great destination for a family trip, not only for the F1 event, as the Japanese country is one of the world’s top tourist destinations.