Formula 1 Netherlands Zandvoort 2024

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DUTCH GP 2024 – Zandvoort Circuit – En


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Live the Great Experience of the Formula 1

The Dutch Grand Prix in Formula 1 is held at Circuit Zandvoort, located in Zandvoort. This picturesque track is in close proximity to the North Sea, providing spectators not only with thrilling Formula 1 races but also the unique atmosphere of the coast. Zandvoort, known for its beautiful beaches and coastal charm, offers fans an experience that goes beyond the on-track excitement. The combination of Formula 1 speed with the allure of the coastal location creates an unforgettable event.

  1. Main, Ben Pon, and Pit Grandstands: provide an unparalleled experience for Formula 1 enthusiasts in Zandvoort. Located in the center of the main straight, they offer privileged views that allow spectators to witness the maximum speed of the Formula 1 cars on the circuit as they accelerate down the straight. They also offer a unique perspective of the circuit’s starting point, capturing the excitement of this crucial moment in the race.
  2. Tarzan In Grandstands: offers a privileged view, where fans can witness up close how the drivers tackle the first corner of the circuit, known as Tarzanbocht. This corner requires drivers to significantly reduce their speed, adding a key tactical component to the beginning of each lap.
  3. Arena In Grandstands: located within the Zandvoort circuit, they offer spectators an exciting experience in one of the fastest sections of the track. Positioned before the challenging Hans Ernst Bocht Curve, these grandstands provide privileged views of how the Formula 1 cars accelerate at high speed before tackling this crucial corner.
  4. Eastside Grandstands: located outside the circuit, these grandstands offer a strategic position in a fast section of Zandvoort. With views of the action in one of the fastest parts of the track and the preparation for the Hans Ernst Bocht Curve, these grandstands provide a unique perspective on how the drivers confront speed and technique in this part of the circuit. One grandstand is situated on the following straight after exiting the Hans Ernst Bocht curve.
  5. Arena Grandstands: located within the Zandvoort circuit, these grandstands offer spectators an immersive experience witnessing the challenging action of the Hans Ernst Bocht Curve up close. From this strategic vantage point, fans enjoy a privileged view of how the drivers navigate this technical curve, slowing down to take it with precision. Additionally, the Arena Grandstands provide a unique perspective on the power and speed of the single-seaters as they accelerate on the following straight.
  6. Arena Out Grandstand: located after the Arena Grandstands, it offers a view of the end of the straight. From this spot, spectators can enjoy the intensity of the single-seaters as they enter the final curves of the circuit.

The Zandvoort Circuit has a length of approximately 4,259 kilometers.

The number of laps in the Dutch Grand Prix may vary according to the FIA rules and the season’s schedule. Typically, the Dutch Grand Prix consists of 72 laps around the circuit.

The first Formula 1 race in the Netherlands took place in 1952 at the Zandvoort Circuit. Over the decades, Zandvoort hosted several Formula 1 races, providing thrilling moments and contributing to the sport’s legacy. However, the Dutch Grand Prix was absent from the Formula 1 calendar for many years before its return in the 2021 season.

Yes, due to the high speed of Formula 1 cars and the noise generated by the engines, attendees are recommended to wear hearing protection, such as earplugs, to enjoy the event safely and comfortably.

Paddock Club

  • Race viewing from the team garages located on the main straight of the circuit
  • Giant screen broadcasting the race live
  • Live interviews with Formula 1 drivers and ambassadors at the start and end of the race
  • Thrilling walk in the Aramco F1 pit lane
  • Global and local cuisine with live culinary performances by renowned chefs
  • Premium beverage bar with a wide variety
  • Guided tour on a truck for a guided lap around the track
  • Racing simulators, live music, and local cultural experiences


Price: from 350 €

23 - 25 August

Zandvoort Circuit - Zandvoort

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The Zandvoort circuit will host the Dutch Grand Prix in its upcoming edition. Since its reintroduction to the Formula 1 calendar, this circuit has rejuvenated the automotive passion of local fans, becoming a highly anticipated event since its return in 2021.

Located on the Dutch coast, this circuit combines fast stretches with technical turns, providing drivers with a dynamic challenge. The proximity to the North Sea and the undulating terrain give Zandvoort a unique character, making it an essential stop on the international circuit.

Zandvoort is not just a stop on the Formula 1 calendar; it is a unique motorsport experience that combines the passion for speed with the coastal charm of the Netherlands. Get your tickets for the Dutch Grand Prix 2024!