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TicketWorld Online invites you to experience the unique thrill of Formula 1 at the spectacular Singapore circuit. Immerse yourself in the captivating blend of speed and lights as the top drivers challenge the city’s night streets.

Known for its illuminated urban circuit, the Singapore Grand Prix offers an unparalleled visual spectacle, merging the speed of the cars with the stunning backdrop of skyscrapers, creating an impressive setting as the drivers navigate the track.

The Singapore Grand Prix is much more than just a race; it’s a unique experience in a fascinating mix of speed, dazzling lights, and the modern city of Singapore. Don’t miss this opportunity and live the Singapore experience with us.

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Safety Tickets


Customer service 9:00am – 8:00pm

SINGAPORE GP 2024 – Marina Bay Street Circuit – En


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Paddock Club

  • Race viewing over the team garages located on the main straight
  • Exciting pitlane Aramco F1 walk
  • Highlighted appearances by F1 drivers and ambassadors
  • Worldwide and local cuisine with live culinary performances by renowned chefs
  • Premium drink bar with a wide variety, from spirits and champagne to beer, wine, and soft drinks
  • Guided tour on a driver’s parade truck for a guided lap around the track
  • Racing simulators, live music, and local cultural experiences
  • Large screens broadcasting live from the track

Green Room

  • Large screen broadcasting the race live
  • Access to all areas within the circuit and entertainment stages
  • Dedicated table for 10 people or shared tables within the suite
  • Gourmet food
  • Open bar with wines, sparkling wine, beer, and soft drinks
  • Dedicated person during the stay

Lounge Turn 3

  • Fully air-conditioned lounge with a screen broadcasting the race live
  • Access to all areas of the circuit and entertainment stages
  • Reserved seating at turn 3 with wider and padded seats
  • Two meals, plus additional snack service
  • Private bar with open bar of wines, beers, and soft drinks
  • Access to exclusive restrooms

Twenty 3

  • Spectacular panoramic views of Marina Bay, as well as of the podium and the finish line
  • Access to all areas of the circuit and to the concerts at the Padang Stage
  • Access to three award-winning restaurants
  • Outdoor dining area
  • Open bar with champagne, wines, cocktails, spirits, beers, and soft drinks
  • Live DJ
  • Free ferry service

Frequent questions

The Singapore Grand Prix is held at the Marina Bay Street Circuit, located in the city of Singapore. This night urban circuit offers a unique experience by merging the speed and excitement of Formula 1 with the spectacular views of illuminated skyscrapers and modern architecture of Singapore. The race takes place on the city’s narrow and challenging streets, under artificial light that highlights the contours of the buildings and creates a captivating atmosphere. In addition to the on-track competition, fans can enjoy the dynamism and culture of Singapore, with its blend of tradition and modernity, making the Grand Prix an unforgettable experience.

  1. Pit and Super Pit Grandstands: located along the main straight of the Marina Bay circuit in Singapore, they provide fans with a unique experience to witness all the excitement of Formula 1. These grandstands offer privileged views to witness the thrilling race start and observe how the drivers reach high speeds on the main straight.
  2. Turn 1, Turn 2, and Pit Exit Grandstands: situated parallel to their respective turns on the circuit, they provide spectators with a unique perspective of the drivers’ skills. From these grandstands, you can observe how the drivers tackle the first turn after reaching high speeds on the main straight. Subsequently, from the Turn 2 Grandstand, you’ll enjoy an ideal angle to witness how they face the next curve of the circuit.
  3. Republic Grandstand: provides spectators with a spectacular view to witness how the drivers skillfully maneuver through one of the curves of the circuit. Additionally, you will enjoy watching them accelerate with determination on the following straight of the circuit.
  4. Padang Grandstands: located on both sides of a straight line, the first of them provides the opportunity to witness how the single-seaters enter the straight with all their power. Meanwhile, from the other grandstand, you will enjoy an optimal view to observe how the cars exit the straight, showcasing all their speed and skill.
  5. Orange Empress Grandstand: located in one of the most prominent areas of the circuit, it is positioned between the exciting turns 11 and 12. From this vantage point, spectators can witness how the drivers brake to tackle these two turns before accelerating to pass through the famous Anderson Bridge.
  6. Connaught Grandstand: provides an exciting location at the end of another long straight of the circuit and in front of one of the tightest turns on the circuit. From this vantage point, spectators can witness the single-seaters crossing the Esplanade Bridge at impressive speeds.
  7. Bayfront Grandstands: located under the Benjamin Sheares Bridge, offer spectators incredible views of the track and its action. From this strategic point, you can appreciate the skill of the drivers on this brief but intense layout. You will observe how the cars dramatically reduce speed after reaching high speeds towards turns 16 and 17, then witness how they accelerate again, facing the penultimate turn of the circuit.
  8. Promenade Grandstand: is located at the center of the final straight of the circuit after the last turn. In front of this grandstand is the Singapore Flyer, a giant Ferris wheel. This grandstand offers spectators the opportunity to witness how the F1 cars prepare to tackle the last two turns of the track, in their race towards the finish line.
  9. Pit Entry Grandstand: provides a privileged location to capture the exciting on-track action at the last turn, with magnificent views of Marina Bay and the Singapore Flyer in the background. From this grandstand, you will have the unique opportunity to observe how the drivers navigate the last turn of the circuit and then accelerate on the main straight or enter the pit lane.

The Marina Bay Street Circuit has a length of approximately 5.063 kilometers.

The number of laps in the Singapore Grand Prix may vary according to the FIA regulations and the season’s calendar. Generally, in the Singapore Grand Prix, around 61 laps are completed around the circuit.

The first Formula 1 race in Singapore took place in 2008, and since then, it has established itself as one of the standout events on the calendar. What makes this race unique is that it is held on a night urban circuit. Over the years, the Singapore Grand Prix has been the setting for thrilling races and has seen significant moments in the fight for the world championship. The combination of Singapore’s modern architecture, its vibrant urban scene, and the uniqueness of night racing has solidified this event as one of the highlights in the world of Formula 1.

Yes, due to the high speed of the Formula 1 cars and the noise generated by the engines, attendees are advised to wear hearing protection, such as earplugs, to enjoy the event safely and comfortably.