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ITALY GP 2024 – Autodromo Nazionale Monza – En


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Live the Great Experience of the Formula 1

The Italian Grand Prix takes place at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, located in the city of Monza, Italy. This historic circuit, one of the oldest in the world, has witnessed countless thrilling Formula 1 races over the years.

  1. Centrale Grandstand: strategically located on the main straight of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, it offers a unique experience for Formula 1 enthusiasts. From this privileged location, spectators enjoy a direct view of the race start, capturing the excitement of the start and thrilling overtaking moments. With a vibrant atmosphere and a privileged perspective, the Centrale Grandstand is the ideal choice for those looking to immerse themselves in the exciting and competitive atmosphere of this iconic Italian circuit.
  2. Parabolica and Gradonate Numerate Grandstands: from these grandstands, fans enjoy exceptional views of the cars entering the iconic Parabolica corner, one of the circuit’s most emblematic and challenging sections. These grandstands offer an unparalleled experience for those seeking to witness the drivers’ skill in navigating the entry to this fast and technical corner.
  3. Swimming Pool Grandstand: strategically located in front of the Prima Variante, the Swimming Pool Grandstand at Autodromo Nazionale Monza provides fans with a privileged view of this first chicane of the circuit. From this grandstand, spectators can witness exciting and strategic moments as drivers tackle the variant with speed and skill. The Swimming Pool Grandstand offers a unique experience for those looking to enjoy the action in one of the most critical and challenging areas of the track.
  4. Vedano Grandstand: located at the end of the circuit, offers spectators a unique perspective of the on-track action. From this grandstand, fans enjoy exceptional views of the Parabolica curve, one of the circuit’s most iconic and challenging sections. Vedano Grandstand provides an unparalleled experience for those seeking to witness the skill of the drivers as they tackle this fast and technical curve. With an exciting atmosphere and the opportunity to see the single-seaters accelerate towards the main straight.
  5. Ascari Grandstand: this grandstand offers spectators a unique perspective of one of the circuit’s most technical and challenging sections. From this location, fans can enjoy exceptional views of the intricate maneuvers of the drivers as they navigate the Ascari chicane. With an exciting atmosphere and the opportunity to witness how the cars skillfully navigate through this technical stretch.
  6. Seconda Variante Grandstand: from here, fans can enjoy thrilling moments as the cars tackle the Seconda Variante, a chicane that has witnessed numerous overtakes and high-intensity moments over the years. The Seconda Variante Grandstand provides a privileged view of the drivers’ skill in navigating this technical section, where expertise and strategy are crucial.

The Autodromo Nazionale di Monza has a length of approximately 5.793 kilometers.

The number of laps in the Italian Grand Prix may vary depending on the FIA rules and the season’s schedule. Typically, the Italian Grand Prix consists of 53 laps around the circuit.

The Italian Grand Prix is one of the oldest races in Formula 1, with its origins dating back to 1921. However, the first official Formula 1 race at Monza took place in 1950. The Autodromo Nazionale Monza, located in a royal park, has been the historic venue for the competition. Known for its speed and long straight, it has witnessed legendary moments and played a crucial role in the evolution of F1. Throughout the decades, Monza has hosted thrilling battles and has been a place of great significance on the Formula 1 calendar.

Yes, at the Monza Circuit in Italy, the use of hearing protection, such as earplugs, is recommended due to the roar of powerful engines and the high speed of the Formula 1 cars. This ensures a safe and comfortable experience, allowing fans to fully enjoy the event without compromising their auditory health.


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August 30 - September 1

Autodromo Nacionale di Monza

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The Italian Grand Prix is held at the Monza circuit since its first race in 1950. Due to tradition and its layout, it is one of the most cherished GPs by fans, who fill its stands year after year.

It is considered the ‘home’ of Ferrari, as the entire facility pays homage to the Italian brand, with the Ferrari Museum, restaurant, and activities.

Known as a temple of speed, it is the race where the highest top speed is reached in the entire calendar due to its long straights. Additionally, its endless pit lane makes strategy a crucial part of the race, as a pit stop can cost a lot of time while competitors race at 340 km/h down the main straight. Get your tickets for the Italian Grand Prix 2024!