F1 Azerbaijan Baku 2024

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AZERBAIJAN GP 2024 – Baku City Circuit – En


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Live the Great Experience of the Fórmula 1

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix takes place at the spectacular Baku City Circuit, unfolding amidst the modern streets of the Azerbaijani capital. This urban circuit offers spectators a unique view of the fusion between Formula 1 speed and Baku’s captivating architecture. From the grandstands, fans can witness how the racing cars challenge high-speed straights, navigate intricate turns around the Old City, and accelerate along the Caspian Sea Boulevard. In addition to the thrilling on-track competition, they enjoy the majesty of historical buildings and the beauty of urban landscapes that make Baku a distinctive venue on the Formula 1 calendar.

  1. Absheron Grandstands: located at the beginning of the main straight, the Absheron Grandstands offer a privileged position to witness the thrilling moment of the race start. From this strategic spot, spectators enjoy a panoramic view as the racing cars accelerate towards the finish line, subsequently slowing down for the first curve that the drivers will face with speed and skill.
  2. Icheri Sheher Grandstand: positioned strategically after a series of technical turns, the Icheri Sheher Grandstand provides spectators with an exciting view of the final curve in this sequence. From this point, you can observe how the drivers navigate through a turn, proceed along a short straight, and turn into another straight, where they accelerate with determination before entering the next section of the circuit.
  3. Azneft Grandstand: it gives spectators the chance to witness the skill of the drivers as they observe how they reduce their speed approaching the end of the straight. This grandstand provides a unique perspective on this crucial moment on the circuit, where the drivers’ skill is put to the test.
  4. Mugham, Sahil, and Bulvar Grandstands: they offer a privileged location at the final part of the circuit, providing spectators with an exceptional perspective to appreciate the impressive speed of the race cars. From this strategic point, you can enjoy thrilling moments as the drivers accelerate towards the finish line, delivering a unique experience filled with speed and adrenaline.

The Baku City Circuit has a length of approximately 6.003 kilometers.

The number of laps in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix may vary depending on the FIA rules and the season schedule. Typically, in this Azerbaijan Grand Prix, around 51 laps are completed around the circuit.

The first Formula 1 race in Baku took place in 2016. Since then, the circuit has witnessed thrilling races, memorable moments, and epic battles. Over the years, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix has delivered spectacle and excitement, solidifying its place as an thrilling stop on the Formula 1 calendar.

Yes, due to the high speed of Formula 1 cars and the noise generated by the engines, attendees are recommended to wear hearing protection, such as earplugs, to enjoy the event safely and comfortably.

Paddock Club

  • Race viewing from the team garages located on the main straight of the circuit
  • Giant screen broadcasting the race live
  • Live interviews with Formula 1 drivers and ambassadors at the start and end of the race
  • Thrilling walk in the Aramco F1 pit lane
  • High-quality global and local cuisine with live culinary performances by renowned chefs
  • Open bar with a wide variety of beverages
  • Guided truck tour to enjoy a guided lap around the track


Price: from 70 €

13 - 15 September

Baku City Circuit - Baku

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The narrow streets of the Baku City Circuit are set to host the thrilling Formula 1 at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2024. This circuit has become a landmark since its introduction to the calendar in 2016.

Challenging drivers with its urban layout, the Baku circuit blends speed on the straights with the city’s intricate curves, providing a unique racing experience. Skyscrapers line the circuit, adding a distinctive touch as drivers navigate through the streets of Azerbaijan’s capital at high speeds.

More than a race, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix is a total immersion in the blend of speed on the tracks and urban architecture. Since its introduction, it has captivated fans worldwide and promises a weekend full of excitement and adrenaline. Get your tickets for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2024!