Mutua Madrid Open 2025

TicketWorld Online invites you to immerse yourself in the thrill of tennis at the prestigious Mutua Madrid Open, an ATP Masters 1000 tournament. Experience the intensity as the world’s best players challenge their limits on the clay courts of the Caja Mágica.

This tournament is one of the jewels of the world tennis calendar, frequented by a huge audience and offering a world-class level of competition. Located in the city of Madrid, the Mutua Madrid Open combines the passion for tennis with the culture of the Spanish capital. The clay surface adds a unique challenge, where every point is contested with intensity and strategy.

Join us to witness the excitement of every match live and witness spectacular plays that make the difference in this highly anticipated tournament. Don’t miss the chance to be part of world tennis history and enjoy an unforgettable experience at the Mutua Madrid Open, where sport and passion meet in every match.

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Frequent questions

The Mutua Madrid Open is held annually at the Caja Mágica, an innovative sports complex located in Madrid, Spain. This tournament is one of the most prominent events on the world tennis calendar, attracting the world’s best players to compete on clay courts. The Caja Mágica not only offers world-class facilities, but also a vibrant and exciting atmosphere that captivates tennis fans from all over the world.

The Mutua Madrid Open has a fascinating history dating back to its beginnings in 2002. Originally known as the Madrid Masters, the tournament was established with the aim of bringing a world-class tennis event to the Spanish capital. Since its first editions, the tournament has evolved significantly in terms of both prestige and infrastructure.

Over the years, the Mutua Madrid Open has witnessed exciting clashes and memorable moments in the world of tennis. It has hosted some of the sport’s biggest stars, who have competed for the prestigious title and for the chance to add their name to the tournament’s rich history. Rafael Nadal is the player who has won the Mutua Madrid Open the most times in the men’s category. Nadal has won the tournament five times (2005, 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2017).

During the opening rounds of the Mutua Madrid Open, matches are played as best of three sets, each consisting of six games. In the event of a 6-6 tie in a set, a tie-break is held to determine the winner of the set. The same rule applies in the final of the tournament.

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