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Montmeló 2024 Entrances – EN


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Live the Great Experience of the Formula 1

The Formula 1 Montmeló Grand Prix is ​​a motorsport race that takes place at the Barcelona-Catalonia Circuit, located in Montmeló, Catalonia, Spain. It is one of the most important tests on the Formula 1 calendar.

  1. Main Grandstand: The main grandstand is one of the most prominent and offers privileged views of the main straight, from the start to the first corner. Here you can feel the excitement of the start and watch the cars reach high speeds as the drivers fight for position in the first corner.
  2. Grandstand G: It is in a strategic location, offering a panoramic view of the circuit’s most famous curve, known as “La Caixa” or “La Caixa Turn.” This challenging corner is often the scene of exciting overtaking and is a favorite for drivers and fans alike.
  3. Grandstand J: It is strategically positioned to offer you a spectacular view of the start and the thrilling speed of the Formula 1 cars as they head towards the first corner.
  4. Grandstands K, E and F : These grandstands are strategically located at a critical point on the track, just before the first corner. In these grandstands, fans have the privilege of witnessing the spectacular braking of Formula 1 cars. Here, drivers face the challenging task of slowing down their machines in the blink of an eye as they prepare to accelerate to dizzying speeds on the main straight.
  5. Grandstands A and T1: These are covered grandstands that offer views from the Stadium sector and the entrance curve to the main straight, known as the “Stadium.”
  6. Grandstand L: It is a strategically located covered grandstand situated at a high vantage point. This location provides an expansive view that encompasses a significant portion of the circuit, allowing you to see the initial turns of the circuit, both to the left and the right.
  7. Grandstand M: It is a covered grandstand where spectators can closely observe the great skill of the drivers as they tackle one of the circuit’s tight corners.
  8. Grandstands S2, S, and N: These grandstands are situated in one of the fastest sections of the circuit, offering thrilling views of the fast corners and the accelerations of the Formula 1 cars. S2 and S grandstands are covered, providing shelter from the elements.
  9. Grandstand T10 : This is a covered grandstand placed in front of the “La Caixa” turn, offering expansive views of the final stretch of the circuit.
  10. Grandstand B: It is strategically located in an area that provides you with a wide field of vision, allowing you to take in a significant portion of the circuit’s final stretch.
  11. Grandstand C: This grandstand is ideal for viewing the chicane of the circuit, a zigzag section where the vehicles reduce their speeds before accelerating onto the main straight.
  12. Grandstand H: It is located in the area of the last chicane before the main straight. Here, spectators can witness the braking and maneuvers of the drivers as they prepare to reach high speeds on the straight.

The following grandstands are covered: Main, T1, A, L, M, S, S2, T10, and H.

The Barcelona-Catalonia Circuit is approximately 4,655 kilometers long.

The number of laps in the Montmeló Grand Prix may vary according to the FIA ​​rules and the season calendar. Typically, Formula 1 Grands Prix consist of around 66 to 70 laps around the circuit.

The Montmeló Grand Prix was first held in 1991. Since then, it has been a recurring event on the Formula 1 calendar, witnessing exciting battles between some of the best drivers in the world.

Yes, due to the high speed of Formula 1 cars and the noise generated by the engines, attendees are advised to wear hearing protection, such as ear plugs, to enjoy the event safely and comfortably.


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21 - 23 June

Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya

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The Montmeló circuit will once again host the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix, where tens of thousands of fans have gathered annually since 1991 to celebrate this motorsport festival throughout the weekend.

Located just 28 km from Barcelona, this is a special circuit for all drivers. Due to its wide variety of turns of all kinds, it serves as the venue for the Official Tests as well as numerous lower category races, so all drivers have completed thousands of laps on this track.

Everything is set to make the most of every minute, starting with the Pit-Walk on Thursday, where drivers have autograph sessions, and the Fan Zone with music, gastronomy, activities for children and adults… Don’t hesitate and get your tickets for Montmeló 2024!

Amid the excitement for Formula 1 in Montmeló, we can’t help but get thrilled by the announcement of the next F1 event in Madrid in 2026. Get ready for an unparalleled automotive experience! After being delighted by the speed in Montmeló, Madrid is gearing up to welcome the drivers, the most challenging curves, and the pure excitement of F1 on its streets.