F1 Great Britain Northamptonshire 2024

TicketWorld Online offers you the exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself in the intensity of the British Grand Prix at the Silverstone Circuit, a gem in the Formula 1 calendar. Characterized by its significance in the history of F1 and its iconic circuit, this event attracts fans from around the world.

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BRITISH GP 2024 – Silverstone Circuit – En


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Live the Great Experience of the Formula 1

The British Grand Prix takes place at Silverstone Circuit, an iconic track located in Northamptonshire, England. The Northamptonshire region, known for its rural charm and picturesque landscapes, adds a distinctive touch to the event. Spectators can explore the beauty of green fields and enjoy British hospitality at its best. Additionally, the local cuisine offers delights ranging from classic British dishes to modern culinary options.

  1. Hamilton Straight Grandstands: located along the main straight, these grandstands offer spectators a privileged view of the thrilling race start. From here, witness how the race cars navigate both the first and final stretch of the circuit.
  2. Farm Curve Grandstand: provides a spectacular view of the second curve of the circuit. From this grandstand, you can observe the race cars speeding through the track with great velocity as they approach this curve, which, unlike others, is not closed, allowing the cars to accelerate forcefully and delivering moments of pure speed.
  3. Luffield Grandstand: offers privileged views of the circuit’s tightest corner, where the exceptional skill of the drivers is put to the test. From this strategic vantage point, you’ll witness how the race cars masterfully navigate this curve, a section where dexterity and precision are crucial. Additionally, you can also observe as the race cars accelerate towards the next turn.
  4. Copse Grandstands: these grandstands bring you the excitement of watching how the drivers confront the ninth curve of the circuit. From this privileged point, you’ll be a witness to how the race cars, after reaching high speeds on the straight, are forced to dramatically reduce their speed upon entering the curve. The skill of the drivers will be tested as they execute the maneuver with precision and control, offering you a unique perspective on the technical expertise required in this stretch of the circuit.
  5. Becketts and Chapel Grandstands: immerse you in a series of thrilling curves arranged in a zigzag. From this privileged vantage point, you’ll be a witness to how the drivers masterfully navigate this series of curves, a unique succession that tests the skill and technical ability of the drivers.
  6. Stowe Grandstands: located at the end of the circuit’s longest straight, they offer a stunning view of the deceleration in curve 15, known as Stowe. From these grandstands, you’ll witness how the drivers, after reaching high speeds on the straight, skillfully and precisely confront the challenging curve 15.
  7. Vale Grandstand: located at the final stretch of the circuit, these grandstands offer you a view of the thrilling conclusion of the race. From this strategic vantage point, you’ll be a witness to how the drivers confront the last curves of the circuit before heading towards the finish line.

The length of the Silverstone Circuit is approximately 5.891 kilometers.

The number of laps in the British Grand Prix can vary according to the FIA rules and the season’s schedule. Typically, around 52 laps are completed on the Silverstone Circuit during the race.

The British Grand Prix is one of the oldest races in the history of Formula 1 and has played a fundamental role in the development of this sport. The first edition took place in 1950 at the Silverstone Circuit, marking the inaugural Formula 1 race and becoming a historic milestone for this thrilling motorsport. Since then, the race has been an annual event, with the exception of a few editions.

The history of the British Grand Prix is marked by legendary names such as Stirling Moss, Jackie Stewart, Nigel Mansell, and Lewis Hamilton, among others, who have left an indelible mark on the memories of Formula 1 fans.

Yes, due to the roar of powerful engines and the high speed of the race cars at the Silverstone Circuit, attendees are recommended to wear hearing protection, such as earplugs. This ensures a safe and comfortable experience, allowing fans to fully enjoy the event without jeopardizing their hearing health.

Paddock Club

  • Race viewing over the team garages situated on the main straight of the circuit
  • Premium gastronomic experience with restaurants open throughout the day
  • Giant screen broadcasting the race live
  • Live interviews with Formula 1 drivers and ambassadors at the start and end of the race
  • Daily stroll through the entire ARAMCO F1 pit lane
  • Daily guided tours led by a circuit expert guide
  • Racing simulators, live music, local cultural experiences.


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5 - 7 July

Silverstone Circuit - Northamptonshire

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The British Grand Prix is held at the iconic Silverstone Circuit, one of the most emblematic and oldest venues on the Formula 1 calendar. This circuit is located in the English countryside, near the town of Silverstone, and is known for its fast and challenging layout.

Silverstone is renowned for its high-speed straights, technical corners, and ample overtaking zones. It hosts some of Formula 1’s most iconic turns, such as Maggotts, Becketts, and the famous Copse corner. In addition to its technical design, Silverstone features modern facilities and a vibrant atmosphere throughout the race weekend.

The history of Silverstone and its status as the ‘birthplace of Formula 1’ make it a special place for both drivers and fans alike. The combination of speed, tradition, and excitement makes the British Grand Prix at Silverstone a must-attend event on the motorsport calendar. Get your tickets for the 2024 British Grand Prix now!